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Add Itinerary

For a Selected Itinerary

Note:  The day after a train leaves the station, the itinerary is automatically removed.

Other Features

You can also

Schedule Automatic Update

You can schedule the program to automatically check fares in the background once a day and notify you if a fare has dropped or a sold out accommodation is now available, or a train has been canceled.  If one of these events happens, an alert will pop up.  To schedule
Technically, scheduling an update creates a "Windows Task" named "Amsnag Farewatch VFP" that executes a batch file called "monitor.bat".

If you computer is turned off, hibernating, or sleeping when the update is scheduled, it will not run.  However, by tweaking the Windows Task Scheduler, it will run when you next turn on the computer or awake from hibernation or sleep.
Other parameters you can set are
If a fare has dropped or becomes available after being sold out, or a train, formerly running, has been canceled, an alert screen will appear.  Clicking on a train will bring up the Amtrak reservation web page.  When the fare update runs, an entry is made in the "update log" (see below).

Important Notes: